Give the Perfect Gift, One that Keeps on Giving

A truly perfect gift is one that will keep giving for years to come!

A perfect gift that truly keeps giving is the popular gift basket. They may seem like the oh so average gift, but with weddings and graduations upon us, they may the perfect gift. Gift baskets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be filled with a beautiful assortment of gifts. Once the items that filled the basket have been used, you are left with an amazing gift that can be used over and over.

Gift Basket - Filled with Bath Towels



Perfect Gift - Basket used as Tissue Holder


Baskets, like those pictured above, are the perfect size when giving candles, fragrances, soaps or bath accessories. If you happen to have been the lucky recipient of one of these baskets here are some great ideas for reuse:

  • An assortment of makeup brushes, or hair brushes
  • Small blow-dryers and/or curling irons
  • Spices, specialty teas or coffees
  • Bathroom tissue holder
  • Bath towel holders
  • Placed in the guest room to hold extra blankets, magazines, bottled water, etc.

Floral Containers – Another Perfect Gift that Keeps Giving

Floral gifts are very popular, especially during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. I must also say that most of the floral containers can be found underneath the kitchen sink, stashed in a closet or lost in the garage.


Floral gift containers also come in a variety of sizes so don’t be afraid of using your imagination to come up with great regifting ideas for them as well.  Here are a few ideas for practical usage these wonderful containers.:

  • Knitting or crochet basket – nice enough to leave next to your favorite knitting seat
  • Table setting holder – no room to store your placemats?
  • Make-up brush holder (add styrofoam floral hugger to create steady holders to keep them upright
  • Bread basket (serve baguettes, muffins or rolls)

If you have young adults heading off to college, make sure to pack any baskets, gift boxes or floral containers you have stashed away and send them off with them. Make sure to give them ideas on how to use them so they don’t wind up stashed away in a new location.

Housewarming parties are also a great time to regift some of these items. Create a theme, purchase a nice ribbon and you have the perfect gift.

Would love to hear your ideas and what you can come up with!

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