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Best Indoor Plants that both Purify and Accessorize your Home – #1 Orchids

Indoor plants are the perfect accessory for any room in your home.  Fresh flowers make me feel happy when I wake up to them and when I come home in the evening. Frequently having fresh flowers around is not very popular for several reasons. The biggest reason is usually the cost because they don’t last very long. Fresh floral arrangements shouldn’t be just for special occasions.

Orchids are exotic beauties and many of them are very easy to grow and maintain. Their blooms appear from winter to early spring and may last as long as 2 to 4 months.  Coffee tables, buffets, and consoles are perfect display areas for these flowers.  Be sure to add leaves or other greenery to fill empty spaces in your arrangement to give it a very robust look.

I do recommend using the pots they come in. Look for vases of a shallow glass wood that will hide the container. When you water them you don’t want the water spilling onto the table tops.

Tip: Let the orchids try almost completely between watering and use orchid fertilizer (be sure to follow the instructions on the package).

Best Indoor Plants that both Purify and Accessorize your Home – #2 Bromeliads

Bromeliads are beautiful, exotic jungle plants. These pineapple relatives are almost as low maintenance as artificial plants. Their dramatic flower heads come in gorgeous shades of red, pink, orange and yellow.  Bromeliads last for months without fading or wilting.

Bromeliads create their own watering cup, making them the perfect indoor plants. You only need to add water to the center of the overlapping leaves once a week. You do need to keep them out of direct sunlight, making the coffee table or end table a great place for displaying them.

Bromeliads are a great investment because of the ability to replanted with relative ease. The easiest way to replant them is by removing the pups (they appear at the base of the mother plant). You can use orchid fertilizer to feed them, again, follow the directions on the package closely.

Tip: To keep your Bromeliads for years, visit joyusgarden.com, she offers a wealth of information.

Best Indoor Plants that both Purify and Accessorize your Home – #3 Zebra Cactus (Haworthias)

Small succulents are one of my favorite indoor plants to sprinkle throughout the home. Kitchen countertops, bathrooms vanities and end tables are places these slow-growing plants tend to shine.

Unusual pottery or vases together with different soil mixtures can be used to add interest to any floral grouping. Since they require watering just once a month they are the perfect plant for those with a brown thumb. In addition, they are wonderful gifts in lieu of candles or flowers.

Indoor plants

Best Indoor Plants that both Purify and Accessorize your Home – #4 Snake Plant

Snake plants are the ideal indoor plant, as you can leave this plant in a pot for years with very little maintenance. I use the leaves not only as decor by themselves, they also add a fresh look to silk arrangements. They can also be added as a filler for fresh flower arrangements that need a boost.

If you are looking to make a stunning piece for your floor, add them to a large vase filled with stones, crystals or other dry elements. The versatility of this indoor plant makes it a great option for any room and any surface.

Best Indoor Plants that both Purify and Accessorize your Home – #5 Succulents

Succulent plants are often trendy, offer easy care and an endless assortment of colors ranging from bright yellows to deep purples. The leaves also come in different sizes, textures, and shapes which make them a beautiful option for your home.

Use your imagination to come up with different vases, bowls or other containers to display them in. Since they require very little watering or care, they are the perfect fit of bookcases, floating shelves, desktops, and nightstands. Consider using them to decorate or fill other floral arrangements as well.

There is a special energy that comes from having living plants and fresh flowers in your home. With so many options available, don’t be afraid to experience it for yourself!

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